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Competition Riders of America

10230 Duck Creek Road, Salem, OH 44460

General CRA Information: 
Yog Miller 1-330-466-6070

Points questions:
email the CRA or call
1-888-272-MXHS (6947)
or 440-463-5956 (Peggy)

Email Us  (Peggy)

(best way to reach Peggy for Points!!)

CRA Trackside Points

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Online Points Reporting

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2015  MyLaps Points

2014 Trackside Points

The year-end awards are based on the riders best 15 finishes. 

A rider needs to compete in a minimum of  10 events to be eligible for a year end award

2013 Trackside Points

2012 Trackside Points



CRA Sponsors

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CRA Wiseco Piston Cup Sponsor


 Thank you to all of our 2015 Banquet sponsors

Action Extreme Sports

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Welcome to CRA Online

Welcome to Competition Riders of America!

We offer near year round racing in Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania for bikes and quads in the sports of Motocross, Harescramble, and Flat Track.  Email us for a schedule and find a track near you!



CRA Announcements

Thank you to everyone who attended the January 9th C.R.A. Awards Banquet.  697 enjoyed a great dinner, over 700 awards with a total of over $50,000.00 in giveaways!

Here is the Banquet info:

SAVE                       When………….     Saturday, January 9, 2016

 THE                        Time…………. .    6:00 p.m.

 DATE                     Where…………    The Mahoning County Club

      710 East Liberty Street    Girard, Ohio 44420

Just received a list of some of the great prizes being given away at the January 9th CRA  Banquet.  There is still time to get tickets!!

3 piece tool box with 185 pc tools

230 pc tool sets

Cordless Drills

Steel Firepits

Electric Pressure washers

75 qt cooler

48 qt coolers

20 qt coolers

Gas Cans with hose



Gas Power Pressure Washer

32” TVs

Go Pro’s

Anti Gravity Lounge chair


Easy Fold Chairs

CRF110  raffle

6 x 12 Enclosed trailer  raffle

Generator  raffle

50/50 raffle

4 tickets/hotel room/$50 gas card to Supercross-Indiana

Bike/quad/mini bike/mini quad


That does not include what the the track promoters are giving for track series awards, Buckey Series, Sunoco Series, Wiseco Piston Series


Hope to see you there!!

Save the date . . .

  The 2015 C.R.A. Banquet is being held on January 9, 2016 at the Mahoning County Country Club in Girard, Ohio.  Award winners will be notified by mail. .  . .   but all CRA members are welcome to attend!

Congratulations to our 2015 Award Winners . .   over time as each series is completed, the series winners will be listed here.  All of these  awards will be presented at the January 9th CRA banquet.  All year-end MX, HS and FT winners will be notified in the mail!

2015 Buckeye Series Winners

Please email Peggy at of a change in your size.

Needed any corrections by November 30th


JASON  BASSETT               AXL        RYAN     MILLER AXL

DOUG   BENNETT             AXL        TIM        NAGEL  AXL

CAMERON  BRUCE          AXL        JOE         NEMETH AXL

ZACH     CHAMBERLAIN  AL           BRAD     ORR       AM

JAKE      COULTER             YL         JOSH      PICHURA AXXL

TYLER    COULTER             AS         SHANE  REESE    AL


MALIA  CRUMP              YXL           COLTON  REESE    AM




TRAVIS DESELLEM           AXL          LARRY   ROOT    AXL



DARIAN DOLE           AS                   ZACH     SHAYTAR   AL

BRAD     ENDERLE      AXXL             DAVE     SHELLEY   AXXL


DUSTIN      FELLER  AM                   EDWARD SNYDER    AL

JEROD   FELLER       AXXL              TYLER    SORIANO     AXXL

JOE         FRANKFORD       AL            TREVOR SPITLER       YM

CLAY      FRYER         AXL                  BLAINE SPITLER      YL

MATT    GLOVA                 NL            LEE         STERE        AXL


BRIAN   GUINTER    AXL                     CODY     STICKLEY      YL

JOEY      HAWKINS            YL             JASON  STICKLEY       AXL

CARTER   HAYES   YS                          GERALD STONE         AXL

CAIDON HAYES     YM                         MIKE     SWARTZ         AXL

ERICKA HEATON    YS                          JIM         SWARTZ    AXL

TOMY    JOLY        AL                           ERIC       THIEM       AXL

ZACH     KARCZ     AL                           GAGE    THOMPSON       YXL

JOHN     KARCZ     AXL                        GREG    THOMPSON       AXL

OLIVIA  KERNS     AS                            BRIAN   TRUCKSIS            AL

ZACHARY KERNS     AL                         JOHN     VINCENT              AXL

CHRIS    KIRBY        AL                        SCOTT   WATKINS             AL

MATTHEW KOSUT     AL                       JOSHUA WEESE                 AXXL

BRUCE  LEAKE         AXXL                     WESLEY    WERTZ                  AM

DEVIN   LIPPENCOTT       AL                 EDDIE    WHISLER              AL

JACOB   LOGAN                 AXL             SAM      WILLIAMS           AL

COLLIN LOUCKS           AXL                   CHRIS    WILLIMET            AXXL

MIKEY   MADEJA               AS                NICK      WUKOTICH         AL

                   RICH      YASLIK                  AXL

Here are your MX Year end award winners. .   Certificates will be in the mail very soon!!

 1              Jr. Pee Wee        GABE     HOLEN  YM

2              Jr. Pee Wee        JACOB        SEGER  

3              Jr. Pee Wee        AUSTIN      CERESNA            

1              Sr. Pee Wee       AUSTIN       MCKEE   YM

2              Sr. Pee Wee       CAMERON    PHILSON             

3              Sr. Pee Wee       LOGAN     BANYAS              

4              Sr. Pee Wee       NOAH   BRASWELL          

5              Sr. Pee Wee       JACE       WALTERS            

1              65cc                   TRISTAN J  CECELIC      YM

2              65cc                   CONNOR     CAPPETTA          

3              65cc                   STEPHAN      KOZOPAS           

4              65cc                   DEVON            MAYER

1              Jr. Mini Bike        BRADLEY      POOLE    AS

2              Jr. Mini Bike        TRISTAN J   CECELIC               

3              Jr. Mini Bike        CONNOR     CAPPETTA          

4              Jr. Mini Bike        ELLIOTT      BENCE  

5              Jr. Mini Bike        ROBERT    SCHNEIDER        

6              Jr. Mini Bike        FIN       WALTERS            

7              Jr. Mini Bike        BRETT    BARNETT            

8              Jr. Mini Bike        FOXX     MOOK 

9              Jr. Mini Bike        ZAC      HUFFMAN         

1              Sr. Mini Bike       CODY         ANDRES   YL

2              Sr. Mini Bike       GABE         SHADLE               

3              Sr. Mini Bike       TANNER    BOVA   

4              Sr. Mini Bike       JAMES       PATTON              

5              Sr. Mini Bike       DANIEL      SNOW JR            

6              Sr. Mini Bike       DAWSON   DIAS     

1              Super Mini Bike  BRADLEY   POOLE  AS

2              Super Mini Bike  CODY         ANDRES              

3              Super Mini Bike  GABE         SHADLE               

4              Super Mini Bike  ELLIOTT    BENCE  

1              School Boy          KOLE       SCHLOSSER         AL

2              School Boy          BRAYDEN   LISK       

3              School Boy          DYLAN        GIBSON               

4              School Boy          PATRICK   BENCE  

5              School Boy          AUSTIN     SHAW  

6              School Boy          CODY       ANDRES              

7              School Boy          TREVOR      PAINE  

1              Jr. Trail Bike        ROBERT     SCHNEIDER         YL

1              250 cc B                KOLE   SCHLOSSER         AL

2              250 cc B                MIKE     ISH        

3              250 cc B                KYLE    MARAS

4              250 cc B                RAY     PAYNE 

5              250 cc B                KYLE      VIDOVICH          

6              250 cc B                AUSTIN   LAWSON             

1              250 cc C                ADAM       HERB     AL

2              250 cc C                MASON   E     COMBS

3              250 cc C                AUSTIN    SHAW  

4              250 cc C                DYLAN    GIBSON               

5              250 cc C                BOBBY    CEARFOSS          

6              250 cc C                PATRICK   BENCE  

7              250 cc C                ZAKERY    HARSHBARGER

1              450 cc B                AUSTIN     LAWSON AL

2              450 cc B                JEFF   HOLUB 

3              450 cc B                GAGE     SHOOK

4              450 cc B                CHRIS     LOCKE  

1              450 cc C                COREY  BEERS    AM

2              450 cc C                KEITH   KRNAC 

1              2 Stroke Bike      ROB   COLLINS  AXL

2              2 Stroke Bike      MIKE     ISH        

1              125 2 Stroke       DENNIS  HEAD     AM

2              125 2 Stroke       TREVOR   PAINE  

1              College 16-24     MIKE   ISH         AM

2              College 16-24     GAGE    SHOOK

3              College 16-24     ADAM    HERB    

4              College 16-24     MICHAEL  KOWALSKI JR    

1              Women Bike      GABBY    DOMBROWSKI  AM

2              Women Bike      SARAH    PICKWORTH      

3              Women Bike      ADRIENNE SCIARRETTI        

1              Bomber Bike      ROB COLLINS   AXL

1              Plus 25                  JIM       ALTIER  III   AXL

2              Plus 25                  CHRIS     LOCKE  

3              Plus 25                  JEREMY    RUNALS              

4              Plus 25                  ZAKERY     HARSHBARGER

1              Plus 30                  JEFFREY   BARLEY AXXL

1              Plus 40                  JEFFREY   BARLEY AXXL

2              Plus 40                  RODNEY  GABRIEL              

3              Plus 40                  DAVE        MARAS

4              Plus 40                  BARNEY   BARNETT            

5              Plus 40                  CHRIS     MOOK 

6              Plus 40                  CASEY    ADAMS               

7              Plus 40                  DAN      MORGAN           

8              Plus 40                  NORM   KRNAC 

9              Plus 40                  KEITH     KAMPFER

10           Plus 40                  PATRICK   RUDDY 

1              Plus 50                  JEFFREY     BARLEY AXXL

2              Plus 50                  LORENZO  LYNCH  

3              Plus 50                  DAN     MORGAN           

4              Plus 50                  KEITH   KAMPFER           

5              Plus 50                  MICHAEL     BRIAN  

1              Bike A Class        MICHAEL   FISHER  AM

2              Bike A Class        JEREMY    HARPER               

1              50cc PW Quad   TOMMY   LUFFEY YL

2              50cc PW Quad   KADIN  TVERGYAK         

3              50cc PW Quad   ETHAN    TVERGYAK         

4              50cc PW Quad   ALYSSA      LUFFEY

1              Jr. Mini Quad     JUSTICE   SCHMEIDER        YL

2              Jr. Mini Quad     TYLER       GUMM

3              Jr. Mini Quad     ERICKA     HEATON              

1              Sr. Mini Quad     TY      MINGLE   AS

1              4 Stroke Quad   GAGE      WHITACRE   AL

2              4 Stroke Quad   BOB     WHITACRE         

3              4 Stroke Quad   NICHOLAS     KLEIN   

4              4 Stroke Quad   AUSTIN     JAGGERS            

1              Senior Quad       TONY    SCHMITZ   AXXL

2              Senior Quad       BEN     DUNLAP      

3 Senior Quad       TRENT HILL 

4              Senior Quad       JOHN   HANDROSH       

1              Jr. Woodsman   BEAU    FENDLER   AXL

2              Jr. Woodsman   AARON G             BOYLE  

1              Women Quad    BECKY      HILL        AM

2              Women Quad    AMIE    DUNLAP              

1              Woodsman Quad JOSEPH     GALLO  AL


2015 Flat Track

Awards to be presented at the January CRA banquet
1st place Year end award winners

(only 1st place is listed as I need jacket sizes.)

Email  if your size is wrong

or if your name is spelled wrong

Jace Walters       YM

Edward Mc Carthy Jr. YL

Ryan Minor     YXL

Ian Wolfe      AL

Mark Sturdevant  AL

Neil Perry    AXL

Trent Bartolotti AXXL

Samuel Kiss        AXL

Jesse Hickman   YL

Liz Makin             AM

Josh Brown         AL

Kyle Wills            AM


2015 Wiseco Piston Cup Series Winners    

Awards to be presented at the January CRA banquet

Email  with your corrected size 

AND if your name is spelled wrong!!  

NL means I need your size!!


Jim Altier III AXL                                Austin Jaggers   AL

Cody Andres (3)  YL                          David Jones AL

Logan Banyas     YM                         Stephan Kozopas YL

Jeffrey Barley (3) AXXL                     Danielle Krepps    NL

Michael Brian     AL                           Austin Lawson   AL

Barney Barnett AM                            Chris Locke (2)   AL

Kevin Basel (2)  NL                           Tommy Luffey   YL

Bruce Blaney      AXL                        Lorenzo Lynch   AXXXL

Aaron Boyle       AM                          Dominic Malvasi AS

Connor Cappetta YXL                      Phillip Malvasi Jr. AS

Tristan Cecelic   YM                         Dave Maras AL

Rob Collins (2)   AXL                        Austin McKee YM

Mason Combs   AM                         Ty Mingle AM

                         Seth Monteleone YM

Ryan Diezic         AL                         Lindsey Mueller    AS

Gabby Dombrowski AM                   James Patton     YM

Amie Dunlap      AL                          Trevor Paine (3)  AM

Ben Dunlap         AL                         Ray Payne AS

BJ Dyke (2)          AL                        Andrew Perko   AL

Geoffrey Eberly   YL                         Cameron Philson YM

Justin Farris        AL                         Sarah Pickworth AM

Beau Fendler     AXL                         Bradley Poole (2) AS

Michael Fisher   AM                         Aaron Risden     AL

Rodney Gabriel AXXL                      Tanner Ritchie (1) AS

Tyler Greggs       AXL                   Kole Schlosser   AL

 Tyler Gumm       AS                        Justice Schmeider YL

 John Handrosh  AL                     Tony Schmitz     AXXL

                           Robert Schneider YL

Garett Hardwick YS                         Alex Scrattish (2) AL

Jeremy Harper  AM                         Jacob Seger YS

Conner Hauck    YM                         Austin Shaw AM

Dennis Head      AM                         

Ericka Heaton    YS                          Robert Stanko III AM

Jake Heinselman AS                        Kadin Tvergyak YL

Becky Hill             AM                        Fin Walters      AS

Gabe Holen        YM                         Jace Walters    YM

Jeff Holub           AL                           Bob Whitacre     AL

Alan Hughes       AM                         Gage Whitacre  AL

Mike Ish (3)        AM                          Adrienne Sciarretti   AM


2015 Sunoco Winners    

Awards to be presented at the January CRA banquet

Email  with your corrected size 

AND if your name is spelled wrong!!                             

Cody Andres (2)  YL            Austin Lawson   AL

Shawn Antonucci (2) AL      Alyssa Luffey     YM

Logan Banyas     YM           Tommy Luffey   YL

Jeffrey Barley    AXXL          Dave Maras        AL

Bryanna Beers   AM             Kyle Maras          AM

Corey Beers       AM             Devon Mayer    YS

David Blauman  AL               Michael Mc Givern YL

Aaron Boyle       AM              David Mc Gunigal AL

James Buckner  YM              Austin Mc Kee   YM

Tristan Cecelic (2) YM          Chris Mook         AXL

Austin Ceresna YM               Adam Nastick (2) AXL

Rickey Cluley      AS             Tyler Norton      AXXL

Gabby Dombrowski  AM       Ray Payne           AS

Amie Dunlap      AL               Andrew Perko   AL

Beau Fendler     AXL             Camaron Philson YM

Michael Fisher   AM               Bradley Poole (2) AS

Cassy Fleming    AS              Jeremy Runals   AL

Brock Foley         AL              Kole Schlosser   AL

Rodney Gabriel AXXL           Robert Schneider AS

Joseph Gallo      AL              Jacob Seger        YS

Dylan Gibson (2) AL              Gabe Shadle (2)  YL

Tyler Gumm       AS              Gage Shook (2) AL

Jeremy Harper  AM                Konnor Sirow (2) AM

Adam Herb (2)  AL                 Bryan Smith        AS

Becky Hill (2)      AM              Daniel Snow Jr. YL

Trent Hill     AXL                    Kadin Tvergyak YL

Gabe Holen   YM                   Kyle Vidovich     AM

Jeff Holub      AL                    Tyler Ward          AL

Mike Ish      AM                      Johnathan Wennblom   AL

Keith Kampfer   AL                 Bob Whitacre     AL

Charlie Lanzer    AXL             Gage Whitacre  AS

Logan Lanzer      AL               Zach Zachodni   AM

James Patton  AS                   Patrick Bence    AL 


2015 Three Wheeler Award Winners    

Awards to be presented at the January CRA banquet

Email  with your corrected size 

AND if your name is spelled wrong!! 

Brent Baker        AL
Shadd Spencer  AXL

Fred Craig            AXXL

Tim Stefanko Sr. AL

Damon Clark      AXXL

Derrick Adamis  AXXL

Phillip Willis         AM

Errors on the printed schedule and in the 2015 Rule Book

While we make every effort to avoid errors,  it happens.  Please note that the Schedule lists a Flat Track at Western Reserve on Saturday June 13th, the race is being held on SUNDAY JUNE 14th.  Sunday morning times apply.  The are correct on the CRA website.

Team Harescramble events:      In the 2015 Rule Book (page 10), there are Supplementary Rules for Team Harescrambles.  Lets just throw them out the window!!   Too many "what if''s  Here is what you need to know about Team Harescramble racing: 1.  The team of two riders can use one machine or two. If the machines are not of the same engine displacement, the machine that has the larger displacement ( cc's) will determine the class or if you wish to participate in an age group and the two partners are of two age groups, you must participate in the younger age class. 2. Points will go toward your year end award ( no special series awards). Be sure to notify the person at sign up if your points need to be transferred to a class other than the one you are participating in for the team race. 3. You do not have to have the same team partner for each event. 4. There will be a designated change area for you and your partner to make the rider switch -  and switch as often as you 'd like. And the most important 5. HAVE FUN!!

Email Peggy if you have any questions!!

What does the CRA charge?  

 That question comes up quite often.  As an organization, we do not tell a track promoter how much to charge for their events.  We can tell you it was discussed at a board meeting that the gate fee is normaly $10.00 per person.  CRA membership is $25.00 (not negotiable)  Motocross and Flat track entry is $25.00 per class.  IF a promoter charges $20.00 for a second class, that is up to the track. For Harescranmbles All mini bike classes and Big bike and quad classes are  $25.00.  Pee Wee Bikes and Mini Quads are $20.00.  This is what the CRA promoters have discussed.  IF a track charges you less, that is up to the promoter!

Attention KTM Riders 



Do you bleed orange??



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